At Floer Milliken Group, we help clients feel confident about the handling of their financial affairs.

  • We use a holistic approach to financial planning giving clients confidence in the process and the results.
  • We help clients achieve their goals as they change and evolve over time.
  • We offer advice that clients can count on, from a team that truly cares.
  • We partner in the process, so clients can focus on what’s important to them.

Whether it’s a question of building and protecting your wealth, minimizing taxes, managing risks or optimizing your estate, the power of the planning process can help develop solutions for your unique situation.



    • What can I do today or in the future to ensure my estate goals are satisfied?
    • Can I protect the inheritance of my children?
    • Is my family financially prepared for unforeseen events like an illness, an accident or even death?
    • Can I accumulate an educational fund that will meet my family’s needs?
    • Can I give to my favourite cause?


    • Is my company and personal investments structured properly?
    • What are some tax effective methods of taking income from my business?
    • What is the best way to sell, transfer or wind down my business while I am alive or upon my death?
    • What type of appropriate but cost-effective employee benefits package should I use to attract, retain and motivate my people?


    • What can I do to reduce or defer paying taxes?
    • Can I take advantage of the top tax minimization strategies for professionals?
    • Can I translate my current income stream into a retirement plan?
    • What is the best way to prepare a succession plan that works for me, my successors and my practice?


    • What is the best way to prepare for my retirement?
    • Can I sustain my current lifestyle in retirement?
    • Will I have any changes to expenses in retirement?


    • Can I maximize my retirement paycheque?
    • What steps should I take to protect my portfolio from being eroded by inflation?

Is your financial well-being on track?

Try our IG Living Plan Snapshot to find out. This straightforward online tool will help you assess if you’re on track to meet your goals, based on key dimensions of your financial well-being. From optimizing your retirement to preparing for the unexpected, answer a series of questions to provide an overall result out of 100. This tool also provides personalized recommendations to help create a comprehensive financial plan tailored to you and your family’s needs.

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